BTEX, MTBE, TBA and TPHg Remediation

Former Retail Gas Station in California 





The origin of the contamination problem was from hydrocarbon fuel releases that occurred at a former service station located on the northeast quadrant of the intersection. The service station had been demolished, and some contaminated soil excavation completed. However, high concentrations of contaminants located in monitoring wells indicated that sources still remained in the initial release area. Additionally, similar high concentrations of contaminants in monitoring wells located southeast of the intersection indicated that contaminants were probably transported by the groundwater (flowing in a southerly direction). It was also concluded that the contaminant plume extended from these southerly monitoring points back north, under the road, to the initial source (the former service station). The goal was to treat around the highest contaminated well (MW-7) on the southeast corner of the intersection.



Type of Site: Former Service Station

Location: Southern California

Contaminants: BTEX, MTBE, TBA and TPHg

Work Scope: Inject Cool-Ox® Reagent

Media Treated: Soil & Groundwater

Soil Type: High desert, loamy sand

Groundwater Depth: 24 ft-bgs

Remedial Objectives (Phase 1): Reduce concentrations and close site

Application Method: DPT Probe Rig

Area Treated: 1,250 square Feet

Vertical Interval: 17 to 27 feet bgs

Injection Point (IP) Spacing: 7 ft.

Media Volume Treated: 463 cubic yards

Number of Injection Points: 27

Cool-Ox® Volume: 3,240 gallons

Cool-Ox® per IP: 120 gal


Site Closed! – The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board closed the site because it met the Low-Threat Underground Storage Take Case Closure Policy.

Groundwater Data

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