Herbicides & Pesticides

Most herbicides and pesticides manufactured early in the biocide development era were chlorinated organics. Although very effective, most proved to be carcinogenic or pathogenic to vertebrates and thus, were banned from manufacture or land disposal. However, while they were in use, large quantities (along with their byproduct dioxins) were released to the environment; where, because of their highly recalcitrant character they still exist. DTI has developed an in-situ technology (Cool-Ox®-R) that upon contact, converts these compounds to non-toxic carbon dioxide and free chloride ion.  

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) comments: “The results of the ISCO application were quite surprising to the USACE and USEPA personnel because no ISCO technology had demonstrated the ability to mitigate this combination of contaminants to this degree over such a short period of time.” The PRP was issued a No Further Environmental Remediation notice subsequent to the required post treatment monitoring period.