The magnitude of the production and use of fuel hydrocarbons pose perhaps the largest negative environmental impact upon the planet in history. From exploration, to production, to distribution, to refining, to product movement, to retail consumption; each step poses a risk of contamination to the environment. For nearly two decades, in all facets of the petroleum industry, DTI has developed the versatile Cool-Ox® Technology to successfully meet the wide remedial challenges of hydrocarbon releases. Many are addressed in this Web Page. If your problem is not found, please contact us for personalized attention.       

Service Stations
CLOSED Manufacturing Facility
CLOSED Hardware Store
MTBE Remediation at a former hardware store in Florida. Site Closure was achieved.
CLOSED Elementary School
Benzene, BTEX & MTBE remediation with in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) Site Closure
Marine Terminals
Crude Oil Production
NG Compressor Stations
Paraffin Clearing
MTBE Remediation and site closure in Florida via insitu chemical oxidation (ISCO)
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Environmental Remediation Services & Products with Patented Oxidation, Reduction & Bioremediation Technologies

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