Laundry Facility

Type of Site: 

Former Laundry Facility


PCE & Stoddard Solvent


Milwaukee, WI


Dr. Jerry Jackson (see PDF) was one of the first to acknowledge that soil oxygen demand (SOD) (conventional oxidation thinking) was irrelevant when treating halogenated organic compounds when employing the Cool-Ox®-R process. Slides 13 through 17 in the attached report acknowledge that “some other mechanism must be responsible” for the extremely high reductions in perchloroethylene contamination at the site with only one application of the technology.” In fact, with the exception of the hotspot referred to on slide number 10, the site cleaned up after only one application. Why the problem with the hotspot? The problem discovered was an “unmentionable,” in this case, a disposal well that had been used to dispose of perchloroethylene as well as Stoddard solvent decades before. This is a reference to the comment made referring to the “interference and data gaps that would require additional remediation.” This was the bases for his question, “Why weren’t all the soils remediated?” Dr. Jackson was one of the first remediation experts to realize that when treating chlorinated sites, “conventional ISCO theory is flawed.”