MTBE Remediation

Catholc School in Florida 






The scope of the project was for an application of DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. (DTI) Cool-Ox® Pit-Stop™ to be applied to an excavation of approximately 500 square feet. It was initially estimated that 500 gallons of Cool-Ox® reagent would be applied to the sidewalls and base of the excavation. In January of 2008, DTI applied a total of 400 gallons of Cool-Ox® in two (2) 200-gallon loads to the base and sidewalls of the open excavation. Soil samples collected prior to application revealed that soil contamination extended beneath utilities adjacent to a highway, restricting excavation in this direction. DTI’s experienced application crew recommended treating the area adjacent to the highway, utilizing DTI’s Hydro-Dart™ application technique, which they had on-hand for difficult treatment areas. DTI injected nine injection points (IP’s), with treatment from approximately 8’ to 12’ BLS, in the identified contaminated area. A total of 200 gallons of Cool-Ox® was injected in the nine IP’s. The remedial objective was to destroy any residual soil contamination that could not be excavated. The site received a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) on November 2009.


Type of Site: School

Location: Florida

Contaminants: MTBE

Work Scope: Overspray Cool-Ox® Reagent

Media Treated: Soil

Soil Type: Sand

Groundwater Depth: 10 fbgs

Remedial Objectives (Phase 1):

Reduce residual soil and  groundwater contamination to below cleanup target levels.

Application Method: Pitstop™ & Hydro-Dart

Area Treated: 500 square Feet

Vertical Interval: 8 to 12 feet bgs

Injection Point (IP) Spacing: 6 ft.

Number of Injection Points: 9 IPs along utilities

Cool-Ox® Volume: 600 gallons


The residual contaminated groundwater and soils at the site have been remediated to below cleanup target levels. A Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) has been achieved. No Further Action required.


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