Vegetation Treatment

The Cool-Ox® Hydro-Dart™ application process is a highly efficient, non-invasive technique for treating surface and subsurface contaminants. The Cool-Ox® technology is not harmful to vegetation and provides nutrients to support biodegradation for polishing. It is non-corrosive to ferrous metals and the technology has a proven track record remediating BTEX compounds. When safety is a huge consideration, the Cool-Ox® process is chosen for the feature of it being non-exothermic; not an ignition source in an area where flammable vapors are often present. It also leaves no harmful by-products

The photos above depict the foam created by the reaction of the Cool-Ox® technology when contact is made with the hydrocarbons adhered to the vegetation. The foam is an indicator that the destruction of the contaminant is taking place.

Weathered Crude



Sprayed Grass