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Who We Are

Turn-Key Environmental Remediation Services

DeepEarth Technologies, Inc., (DTI) is a turn-key company, providing environmental clean-up “know-how”, with the remedial design and application of the patented Cool-Ox® Technology. Combined remedies in a single technology is what makes this chemistry unique to the environmental industry.

Whether in-situ or ex-situ, contaminated soils or groundwater, Hydrocarbon, and/or Brine or Halogenated compounds, DTI has achieved “No Further Action (NFA)” closures at sites all over the USA. We've also worked closely with industry leaders like the EPA, leading to awards for the effectiveness of our patented process.

With two decades of experience, DTI has obtained the know-how to treat many different types of sites. By controlling the reactions, contaminant sources are quickly characterized in real time during the site injection work. DTI can then focus on destroying the sources thus, assuring maximum effect of the Cool-Ox® reagent.

Our Goal

Reduce Contaminant Concentrations

An arrow showing a reduction in contaminant concentrations.

DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is one of the top environmental remediation companies in the country. We provide our clients with the most environmentally sustainable remediation services possible.

Using our patented Cool-Ox® technology, DTI has been successfully closing sites for well over two decades. In addition, Cool-Ox® has been awarded fourteen (14) patents in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Whether you're faced with contaminated soil and groundwater, monitoring & recovery wells, or want site remediation without harmful byproducts, heat, or expensive excavation costs, we have environmental services and remediation technologies required to take care of your remedial needs.

Contaminants Cool-0x® Treats
A micelle showing what Cool-Ox® does to contaminations.

Patented Cool-Ox® Technology

The Cool-Ox® process is designed to eliminate a wide variety of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated organics (PCP, PCB, DDT, Dioxins), nitrate explosives (TNT, DNT), and brine. It is especially effective at destroying vapor phase contaminants (HC-VOC, CVOC) impacting various types of contaminated soil, including clay (ChemHydro-Infusion™). While Cool-Ox® is tough on contaminants, it is gentle on vegetation. Because the mechanisms are different, Cool-Ox® can eliminate pollutants while actually promoting plant growth.

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Learn About Cool-Ox®

What is Cool-Ox®?

Cool-Ox® is a Patented Technology for Insitu Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), Insitu Chemical Reduction (ISCR) & Bioremediation

  • Eliminates Odor Upon Contact
  • Has Long Term Oxidation (>90 Days)
  • Has Sustained Bioremediation
  • Produces Water (Brine) Mitigation
  • Comes With An Experienced Team Knowledgable In All Types Of Applications
  • Causes Free Product Destruction
  • Results In Aquifer Aeration
  • Has Real-Time Situ Characterization
  • Results In Reductive Dechlorination
  • Closes Sites
  • Offers Relief From Environmental Liability
  • Has 14 Different Patents

How Is Cool-Ox® Different?

Unlike Competing Technologies, Cool-Ox® Destroys Contaminants Without:

  • Corrosion
  • Heat
  • Pore Clogging
  • Toxic by-products formed with anaerobic dechlorination
  • DCE - DCA - VC - Methane
  • Long Drawn-Out Bioremediation Products
  • SAR Exacerbation
  • No Sodium or Potassium

Cool-Ox® Case Studies

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Our Environmental Remediation Services

Patented ISCO & ISCR Technologies and
Custom Designed Applications & Equipment

Over the last two decades our direct push drilling methods have not only won many awards, but have also cemented our position as one of the most reliable methods of in situ remediation methods like reduction and oxidation to date. In addition to the complete destruction of hydrocarbons and halogenated compounds, we also offer soil remediation services for a wide variety of remediation projects regardless of contaminants or soil types.

When you choose DeepEarth, you're not just choosing a pioneer in the industry, you're choosing one of the most environmentally sustainable solutions available. Free product destruction without creating harmful by products, or the need to dispose of contaminated soil, or trenching, all while having minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.

When you're finished with your site investigation and are ready for remediation, we offer the most environmentally sustainable means to help your site achieve "No Further Action (NFA)" closures.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Environmental Remediation Services



“There are many factors in how well this project was conducted and this  is a very brief summary of the high points. Again I am impressed with the effectiveness of Cool-Ox® and believe I have a deeper understanding of that after working on this project.
DTI provided excellent leadership for the project with his technical knowledge of the product and its delivery, practical problem solving, excellent organization and planning, effective and serious emphasis on safety, schedule management, and careful and precise communication. I appreciate the willingness to proceed ahead in the face of the approaching Hurricane Harvey while keeping safety as the top priority. The crew all did an excellent job in every part of their work. I am very impressed with the cross training you have achieved to allow the crew to take on each task and they all contributed constantly and consistently. The weather made difficult challenges to the schedule, but the crew exceeded all expectations and completed the project on schedule.
I also am very impressed with your company’s equipment. You have invested in quality equipment capable of doing the job.



URS"I want to thank you for an excellent job on the RS project. The crew did excellent work each day and worked efficiently.  The equipment functions well and the operation of it is very efficient. James is an excellent crew chief and showed excellent leadership and excellent communication with us.  I appreciate his careful decisions and recommendations. There was good reactivity with the Cool-Ox® and after two years of groundwater monitoring, there has been no rebound."

URS and Dow

URS & Dow

"URS’ Dow Business Unit was tasked with performing Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid remediation at a former chemical plant.
The scope of work included collecting soil and groundwater samples, and completing pilot testing in advance of In-Situ Chemical Reduction and Oxidation for mass reduction of the constituents of concern. The team used air-rotary drilling to clear underground obstructions, resulting in 2,072 injection points. This set the stage for ground treatment. Each injection point was then treated with Cool-Ox®, a calcium peroxide-based agent that was injected into the remediation target zone of subsurface soil. During these field activities, an unmarked underground storage tank was discovered and remediated. The Cool-Ox® treatment removed ~311,000 lbs. of COCs (67%). The project team was acknowledged for working safely for 9,020 hours over five months—one of the coldest periods in Philadelphia’s history. The Remediation Leader formally recognized the exemplary safety effort: “Thank you all for your hard work and attention to safety during this major project at the Philadelphia plant. We were all committed to making this project a very safe and productive one [and] we succeeded because of the close cooperation of Deep Earth Technologies, Inc."

Innovative Remedial Technologies Lead

Doug G.

I have a longstanding working relationship (20+ years) with DeepEarth Technologies and have
completed several successful remediation projects using the Cool-Ox® amendment. DeepEarth personnel complete their work in a professional, safe, technically competent, and conscientious manner. They engage earlier in the project planning phases and provide valuable throughout project
completion, including valuable input from the field during the project implementation phase. The Cool-Ox® amendment is very versatile and has been successfully applied on a wide variety of remediation
projects/approaches (i.e., soil mixing, direct-push injection, hand lance, etc.) and constituents of concern (i.e., petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated organics, PCBs, etc.). It is a pleasure to work with DeepEarth Technologies and I look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.