Cool-Ox® Brine-Buster

Patented Technology For Brine Remediation

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How Cool-Ox® Busts Brine

When Cool-Ox® is employed to remediate petroleum releases, the calcium ion (Ca+2) by product inherent in the technology causes sodium ion (Na+) (salt brine) to release from the clay matrix and be drawn down by the water in the amendment solution. This action causes the SAR (sodicity) to be reduced. Also, inherent is the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the oxidation (mineralization) of hydrocarbons. This gas (with water) causes the clay matrix to disburse thereby, greatly increasing the transmissity of the clay. This feature has been coined ChemHydro-Infusion™ and underpins DTI’s success at treating dense soils. Please contact us with questions.

A photo of DeepEarth's Brine-Buster technology being used to treat a site.

What is Cool-Ox® Brine-Buster?

  • A patented trademark process for the rapid delivery of calcium rich Cool-Ox® and fresh water to specific locations of brine impacts.
  • Cool-Ox® Brine-Buster remediates sites co-contaminated with both hydrocarbon and brine in a single step.
  • The slow production of calcium ion provides extended time for greater contact with impacted soil, increasing infiltration and reduction of salinity and sodicity.
  • The Cool-Ox® Brine-Buster formulation is designed to destroy hydrocarbons, reduce SAR and restore soil fertility.
  • Cool-Ox® Brine-Buster helps hold moisture and increase permeability allowing brine salts to continuously leach out of the soil.
  • A green alternative to excavation and off-site disposal liabilities.
“Brine spills damage soils by two mechanisms. First, the excess salinity produces an osmotic effect that makes it impossible for plant roots to get water, then plants die of drought. Second, the excess of sodium in the soils (sodicity) displaces calcium ion from clays causing them to disperse. The result is a loss of soil structure and severe limitations on ability of the soil to transmit water. This sodic effect causes soils to seal over forming the all too familiar “slick spots”.  Thus brine spills cannot and do not heal themselves, they just erode and get worse.”
- Dr. Kerry Sublette, University of Tulsa

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Reduce salinity / Sodicity
  • Injecting, Soil Blending, Ripping & Tilling
  • Introduce active calcium to dislodge sodium
  • 2,072 Injection Points
  • Apply fresh water (injections or subsurface systems) to flush sodium and chloride
  • Assure drainage and collection of brine
  • Natural drainage patterns
  • Install French drains
  • Leachate disposal
  • Objective - protection of groundwater and restoration of soil productivity
  • Cool-Ox® nutrients restore soil fertility
  • Fortifies plant root systems
  • Green alternative to excavation and landfill liability
Full Management of Spill Remediation
  • Design
  • Recovery System Installation
  • Treatment
  • Sampling
  • Monitoring