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Environmental Sustainability Experts

Deep Earth Technologies, Inc., (DTI) has been focused on Environmental Sustainability and Remediation for over two decades. We are a turn-key company providing not only environmental clean-up “know-how” but also remedial design.

By destroying contaminants in-situ, DTI’s services provide an economical advantage to traditional dig and haul clean up remedies. The Cool-Ox® Process is a green/sustainable alternative, eliminating the wear and tear on roads, the need for trucking services, permitting for waste disposal as well as the additional risks associated with Loss Prevention Programs. Cool-Ox® is comprised of all food grade ingredients without by-products.

Cool-Ox® provides long term oxidation (>90 days), sustained bioremediation, free phase destruction, the removal of odors and soil staining without concerns of corrosion, heat production and SAR reduction (no sodium or potassium). By providing no disruption to active sites and the ability to treat hard to reach areas, such as under roadways and buildings, tank batteries, well heads, treater shacks, and sites where the underground utilities or pipelines are unknown, has provided substantial cost savings to our clientele.

Our Mission

Cultivating Environmental Sustainability

Since day one, we have recognized the value in leaving our earth cleaner than we found it. This goal has been the foundation in the development of our products and services. By applying innovative scientific solutions to real world environmental situations, we offer technology and services that are in unity with nature.

Our sustainable chemistry and application methods achieve source reduction and elimination of chemical hazards. Our process is less energy and material intensive than any other technology on the market. We provide soils the ingredients needed for revegetation to restore the site.

When we have completed your job, there is no evidence that it was ever dirty! Nothing is left remaining except Mother Nature.

Health & Safety

A Team With An Excellent Health & Safety Record

At DTI, safety is an integral part of our psyche. From the beginning of the design phase through to the completion of the project, detailed attention is given to maintaining an employee attitude that fosters attention to safety.

Safety awareness includes maintenance of equipment and vehicles as well as careful housekeeping practices at the job site. Working with consultants and RPs, the development of Site Specific Health & Safety Plans (SSH&SP), JSAs or AHAs are designed and implemented with detailed input from our hands-on field operations personnel. Daily “tailgate” sessions are designed to keep safety foremost in everyone’s mind.

DTI employees are given:​

  • 40-hour OSHA Hazwoper training
  • 8-hour OSHA refresher training specified at 29 CFR1910.120
  • OSHA Employee Right-To-Know Hazard Communication (2 DFR 1910.1200)
  • OSHA requirements for selection and use of personal protective equipment (29 CF 1910.132)
  • Training in Department Of Transportation requirements for transportation of hazardous materials (49 CFR 172.700).
  • SafeLand and SafeGulf training
  • OSHA Supervisor Training

This discussion summarizes DTI’s minimum safety qualifications. Each project requires a case-by-case review of particular safety issues. Therefore, DTI will work with the project team to develop a site-specific Health And Safety and Pre-Mobilzation Plan, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Equipment Checklist for each project.

Our EMR rating of 0.92 validates how engrained ‘safety’ is in the DTI culture.

Client Recognition

DNAPL Remediation

  • 9,020 Safe Work Hours Under Adverse Weather Conditions (snow/sleet) and Below Freezing Temperatures
  • Incident-Free Completion
  • 2,072 Injection Points
  • 10,284 Injected Linear Feet
  • Overcome Acid Soil Conditions
  • DTI Proved “Big Sites” Can Be Treated with ISCO
  • The Cool-Ox®-R treatment removed ~311,000 lbs. of COCs (67%)

The Chemical Manufacturer’s Remediation Leader formally recognized the exemplary safety effort in the following quote:

“Thank you for all your hard work and attention to safety during this major project. We were all committed to making this project a very safe and productive one [and] we succeeded because of the close cooperation of all companies involved.”


All Carriers Rated A & Above

Liability Insurance

  • Automobile Liability – A++ (Superior)
  • Commercial General Liability – A+ (Superior)
  • Pollution Liability – A+ (Superior)
  • Professional Liability A+ (Superior)
  • Umbrella Liability A+ (Superior)
  • Workman's Compensation (coverage statutory for each state in which DTI operates) – A (Excellent)
  • Provides a Certificate of Insurance upon request

In addition to the above policies, DTI also:

Will provide additional insurance coverage if required for specific projects. (The premium for additional coverage will be factored into the cost of the job.)


Innovative Remediation Technology

While the Cool-Ox® process continues to provide excellent results, DTI continues on-going work with its academic associates and clients to perfect DTI application techniques for both soil and groundwater. This research has produced major breakthroughs in the understanding of enhanced bioactivity initiated by the application of the abiotic Cool-Ox® chemical oxidation and reduction technology.

DTI has had a recent breakthrough in the remediation of produced water spills and re-vegetation of brine scars by working with Dr. Kerry Sublette of the University of Tulsa.