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Spill Kits



Did you know that Cool-Ox® is the quickest & most successful technology available for treating fuel releases?

Now, Cool-Ox® is available in an easy to use spill clean-up Kit.

If you spill it – you can kill it!

The Cool-Ox® Spill Kit eliminates odors, soil staining, and leaching or runoff.


  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Solvents

  • Condensate

  • Crude Oil

  • Motor Oil

  • Lube Oil

  • Hydraulic Fluids

  • Chlorinated Solvents

  • Pesticides

  • Herbicides


  • Odors

  • Soil Staining

  • Fuel Run-Off

  • Wasted Time

  • Unnecessary Work


  • Service Stations

  • Dispenser Pads

  • Tank Truck/Car Loading Docks

  • Maintenance Yards

  • Tank Batteries

  • Well Heads (Drill Pits)

  • Pipelines

  • Your Driveway

  • Natural Gas Compressor Stations

  • Refineries

  • Any E & P Sites

Two for the price of one!

5 gallon pail includes two kits.  


Each kit requires the mixing of one (1) liquid component with one (1) solid component. 


The blended kit must be mixed well into the soil to the full depth of contamination for best results

Field Operations, Conoco-Phillips

“I’ve never seen anything work to eliminate odors so fast!"

WPX Energy

“The Cool-Ox® Spill Kit will make our job on the front line quicker and easier.”

Corner Sports, Outboard Maintenance

“One minute, we had gasoline on the ground. We applied Cool-Ox® (Spill Kit). The next minute, it was gone! No odors - no mess!”