Soil Blending

Excavation Problems Eliminated by the

Application of the Cool-Ox® Soil Blending Process


  • the need to excavate

  • the need for sheet piling and/or shoring

  • the need to dewater

  • the complications of  POTW disposal restrictions

  • the need to treat groundwater

  • the requirement for a NPDES permit

  • the need for contaminated soil treatment/disposal

  • transferred liability (huge issue with lawyers)

  • EPA permitting requirements for excavated contaminants

  • the need to classify and permit waste to disposal facility

  • risk of waste rejection from disposal facility

  • ingress/egress trucking issues

  • the need for backfill material

  • the generation of odors or noxious gasses

  • hazards of open excavations

  • hauling permitting problems

  • potential odors from transported waste

  • many safety hazards of concern to Loss Prevention Programs

  • waiting for trucks

  • Non-uniform incorporation of reagent


Blending at 9 feet
Blending at 9 feet

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Blending at 9 feet
Blending at 9 feet

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