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What Is Site Remediation?

Site remediation is the process used to clean up contaminated sites. Once a site assessment has been completed, and any hazardous materials are identified, the ideal remedial action can be planned and executed.

The appropriate environmental remediation technology is employed to clean up any contaminated soil or groundwater. In most cases, the remediation team will treat any present contaminants with a chemical reagent that will cause any present contaminants to undergo a reductive or oxidative reaction.

During this reductive or oxidative reaction, the contaminants will be reduced in concentration and oxidized (broken down). The goal of any remedial reagent is to use these reactions to break down pollutants to the point that native microorganisms present in the soil - or those introduced during treatment - can metabolize them, thereby effectively eradicating them altogether.

What Is The Importance Of Site Remediation?

Cleaning up a contaminated site has many benefits, but one of the most important is that it removes liability from site owners.

In addition, cleaning up contaminated sites also helps protect human health and the environment by destroying or reducing any present hazards, liabilities, and pollutants.

In addition, once your site has been decontaminated and follows all local, state, and federal guidelines for pollutant levels, you can resume the use of the property in any way you were initially planning.

What Is A Remediation Process?

A remediation process focuses on contaminant levels to protect the health and safety of all living and non-living organisms on a site. Whether that involves reversing damage already caused or preventing damage before it happens - remediation focuses on both.

If damage has already happened, there is a remedial action that can be used in just about every situation imaginable.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Remedial Needs?

We've been successfully closing sites contaminated with LNAPL and DNAPL contaminants for over two decades. In that timespan, we've won awards, worked closely with the EPA and other leaders in the environmental industry, and have even been awarded 14 patents for our unique remedial reagent Cool-Ox®.

Cool-Ox® is one of the only reagents proven to destroy LNAPL and DNAPL contaminations without creating corrosive byproducts, heat, or long, drawn-out remedial projects. Our process and chemistry have been established to do more than trap contaminants in place. It destroys them. Not only will both LNAPL & DNAPL contaminants be eliminated, but on average, you can see an increase of native microorganisms that help to encourage plant growth in as little as three months!

When you work with DTI, you're working with industry pioneers with a time-tested, proven track record.

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