What is                   Mud-Buster ?

  • A process to treat drill cuttings

  • The first partial oxidation reaction creates amphiphilic (surfactants) molecules that facilitate the movement of water through the contaminated soil matrix.

  • The reduction in surface tension is phenomenal; from 74 dynes/cm (clear water) before treatment to 34 (surface tension of a saturated soap solution) after treatment.

  • If the material dries out after Cool-Ox® treatment, it doesn’t matter, the soap is still there and activated as the soil is wetted by rain water or artificially from wells.

  • The oxidation process may cease if the oxidizer is spent, but the bio factor should restart when the soil is again wetted.

Mud-Buster will reduce:

  • The Need for Off-Site Disposal

  • Trucking Costs

  • Turn Around Time to apply the cuttings for land application

  • Man-power required

  • Handling Costs

  • Allows for the ability to receive more cuttings per week increasing revenue

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