Surface Spill & Shallow Soil Remediation

A highly efficient, non-invasive technique for treating shallow subsurface contaminants.

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DeepEarth uses their Hydro-Dart technology to treat contaminated sites.



DTI’s Hydro-Dart™ is a hand held injection tool which uses high velocity fluid to cut the soil, allowing it to be inserted by hand. It is especially useful where sandy or clay soils are encountered. It is not generally well suited where gravelly or aggregate fill materials where cobbles or crushed rock are incorporated.

This application method allows DTI to treat soils from a depth of zero (0) to a depth of twelve (12) feet with minimal disruption to surface vegetation. A maximum depth of (twelve) 12 feet is preferred however, applications to fourteen (14) feet have been completed with the aid of an additional technician. Since no machinery is required at the injection point, little to no disruption of surface vegetation is apparent.

The Hydro-Dart™ lance is a 5/8-inch steel rod. DTI’s field crew pumps Cool-Ox® under pressure and advances it into the subsurface. The pressure varies from site to site depending on the lithology. Pressures between 150-500 psi can be expected.

When we reach the desired depth, the pressure is lowered (by decreasing the pump rate) to keep the annulus of the rod sealed. If debris is encountered, such as cobbles, wood, cement pieces, or any material we cannot push through, the DPT rig is implemented. If the lithology doesn’t allow the annulus to seal, then again, the DPT rig is implemented to seal the rod and insure the distribution of the Cool-Ox® reagent into the subsurface.

The Hydro-Dart™ has also proven to be a very useful tool for injecting under building slabs or inside basements by sampling drilling access ports through the concrete floors.  If any daylighting of the reagent occurs, it is immediately captured employing a shop or drum vacuums. This material can be contained for legal disposal.  When the work is completed, the injection ports are sealed with bentonite and the appropriate paving material.

The Cool-Ox® Hydro-Dart™ application process is a highly efficient, non-invasive technique for treating shallow sub-surface contaminants. The Hydro-Dart™ application process used with the Cool-Ox® technology is an extension of DTI’s Direct Push Injection Technology. This application process may also be the most cost-effective application method for certain sites, depending on the depth of the contaminant and if underground piping or utilities are in the treatment zone.

DeepEarth uses their Hydro-Dart technology to treat contaminated sites.

Hydro-Dart™ for Surface Spill at Tank Battery

This site was blended with a garden tiller to loosen up the soil and weathered crude prior to injection. When we arrived the soil was covered with crude that dated back at least 10 years. It resembled asphalt paving and could be walked on with nothing sticking to shoes.

After application of Cool-Ox® the crude was emulsified and separated from the soil and crushed aggregate like a light low viscosity syrup. As the reaction continued, the crude separated to the surface of the water layer with the soil sinking to the bottom.

Note the color change in the video with the black untreated crude turning to a dark tan. This is an indicator we use to assess the progress of the reaction.