DPT Injections

The Direct Push Technology (DPT) application process of the Cool-Ox® Technology is our most highly demanded application. We use our AMS Power Probe 9500VTR rig to drive 1 ½ inch hollow core steel rods to the desired depth (generally just below contaminate level) and begin injection. Cool-Ox® is injected throughout the contaminated zone at pre-determined depth intervals from the bottom up or from top down. This process allows us to completely saturate the contaminated soil with the reagent in a cost effective and efficient application process at depths greater than ten to fifteen feet. DPT is ideal for work on sites where the soils consist of clay, sand, and silty sand.  DPT can also be implemented in soils containing cobbles. DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. has completed projects using the DPT application on sites that contain concentrations of limestone as well.   

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