MTBE, BTEX & Benzene Remediation

Elementary School in Florida 






The original work plan called for treating an area of approximately 1,200 square feet from 10 to 40 feet (bls) by excavation and overspray. However, upon review of the pre-injection groundwater data, the State Site Manager and Engineer suggested a modification to the approved scope would be justifiable. A phased approach with a revised application area was taken in hopes of reducing the groundwater concentrations in the areas of the hottest wells (MW-1, MW-3R, MW-4R). This was considered a pilot test to evaluate the effectiveness of the product at the site. It was not expected to reduce the concentration levels to GCTLs. After a monitoring period, the wells would be resampled and a supplemental application of Cool-Ox® in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) would be applied if needed. Sampling proved that the Cool-Ox® application was successful at reducing the groundwater concentrations to below GCTLs and a second application was not needed. This site has been approved for a SRCO (Site Rehabilitation Completion Order) after the wells have been abandoned. No further action will be required.


The MTBE concentration remained below the State Groundwater Cleanup Target Level. No contaminants of concern have been detected at or above GCTL's in any of the samples analyzed. This site achieved no further action and was granted an SRCO (Site Rehabilitation Completion Order).



Type of Site: Elementary School

Location: Florida

Contaminants: MTBE, BTEX, Benzene

Work Scope: Inject Cool-Ox® Reagent

Media Treated: Soil & Groundwater

Soil Type: Sand

Groundwater Depth: 13-17 fbgs

Remedial Objectives (Phase 1):

Reduce groundwater concentration to GCTL's

Application Method: DPT Probe Rig

Area Treated: 1,200 square Feet

Vertical Interval: 10 to 40 feet bgs

Injection Point (IP) Spacing: 2, 4, 7.5 ft

Media Volume Treated: 1,333 cubic yards

Number of Injection Points: 32

Cool-Ox® Volume: 5,344 gallons

Cool-Ox® per IP: 167 gal

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