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Deep Earth Technologies, Inc., (DTI) has been focused on Environmental Sustainability and Remediation for over two decades. We are a turn-key company providing not only environmental clean-up “know-how” but also remedial design.

By destroying contaminants in-situ, DTI’s services provide an economical advantage to traditional dig and haul clean up remedies. The Cool-Ox® Process is a green/sustainable alternative, eliminating the wear and tear on roads, the need for trucking services, permitting for waste disposal as well as the additional risks associated with Loss Prevention Programs. Cool-Ox® is comprised of all food grade ingredients without by-products.

Cool-Ox® provides long term oxidation (>90 days), sustained bioremediation, free phase destruction, the removal of odors and soil staining without concerns of corrosion, heat production and SAR reduction (no sodium or potassium). By providing no disruption to active sites and the ability to treat hard to reach areas, such as under roadways and buildings, tank batteries, well heads, treater shacks, and sites where the underground utilities or pipelines are unknown, has provided substantial cost savings to our clientele.

William L. Lundy, Sr

Senior Vice President, Chemist, Inventor of Cool-Ox®

Bemidji, MN

Mr. Lundy is a native of Northern Minnesota where he attended Bemidji State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. After completing graduate work Lundy was employed by Shell Chemical Company specializing in the new applications of their products including epoxy resins, polymer derivatives, surfactants and hydrogen peroxide. At Shell, Lundy authored patents teaching the use of hydrogen peroxide to eliminate hydrogen sulfide, a contaminant found natural gas and oil, as well as sewage and potable water. He was also instrumental in the development of a group of specialty biodegradable surfactants (Neodols®) that were soluble in both oil and water. These products became key components in tertiary recovery of crude oil and deep well drilling.

Lundy was instrumental in the design and construction of a mass-burn solid waste/wood waste incinerator serving seven rural counties in Northern Minnesota. Lundy is currently a principal of DeepEarth Technologies, Inc., and was most recently awarded patents teaching the controlled oxidation of fuel hydrocarbon contaminants utilizing hydrogen peroxide derived in-situ from the hydrolysis of solid peroxygens, the emulsification of coal tar and heavy crude oils and the abiotic dehalogenation of organohalides.

Eric Lundy

Environmental Remediation Specialist

Bemidji, MN

After spending more than a decade as DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.’s Senior Field Application Leader, in 2018, Eric Lundy stepped into the role of Environmental Remediation Specialist, utilizing his vast technical field knowledge for site design, project management, estimating, consulting and health and safety. Mr. Lundy has implemented over 250 soil and groundwater remedial applications on nearly every type of site (from gas stations to chemical plants, large and small) with many different contaminants (hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, brine and coal tar) in every corner of the states. Mr. Lundy studied Chemistry at Bemidji State University.

James Gainey

Operations Manager

Knoxville, TN

James has been with DeepEarth Technologies, Inc. for 20+ years. Mr. Gainey has implemented over 500 soil and groundwater remedial applications on nearly every type of site (from gas stations to chemical plants, large and small) with many different contaminants (hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, brine and coal tar) in every corner of the states. His military background and experience is evident in his wonderful leadership abilities and professionalism onsite. He has safely led our crews through all applications and audits while winning multiple awards. He has been a major contributor to maintaining and innovating our custom designed injection equipment.

Ingrid Patman

Remediation Chemist

Stillwater, OK

After completing a BS chemistry and graduate research in toxicology and analytical chemistry at Oklahoma State University, Ingrid Patman dove straight into working as an environmental scientist and chemist with a private consulting firm.

With project management, onsite supervision and monitoring multiple sites (pipeline releases, emergency response, gas stations, old refinery, and terminals) throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states, Ingrid found DeepEarth’s patented Cool-Ox® technology to be superior and innovative amongst the many remediation products and technologies within the remediation industry. Ingrid specializes in remediation design, in-situ site technical operations, analytical data, and EHS.

Amanda Pfromm

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Grand Rapids, MI

Amanda has been with DeepEarth for a decade. Her position has evolved from administrative assistant to Sales and Marketing Coordinator. She supports Sales by maintaining our CRM system, manages all digital marketing and website content, provides administrative support and customer service. She is the main point of contact for all inquiries and information requests as she will connect our clients with the appropriate point of contact.