Pipelines are no doubt, the safest mode of transporting crude oil, natural gas and refined products throughout the country. However, when a release occurs, it is usually large and potentially catastrophic. Whether crude oil, natural gas condensate, or finished gasoline, DTI has the experience to locate and destroy those pockets of hydrocarbons that are often undetected by the emergency responders. After the pipelines have been repaired, DTI is ready to be on-scene and apply the Cool-Ox® know-how to return the area to its pristine pre-release tenor. And, Cool-Ox® can clean vegetation and stream water without harm to either.    

Plume Characterization
Unleaded Gasoline, Jet Fuel and Fuel Oil
Remote Gasoline Pipeline Release
BTEX Residual
Product PL - Remote Area Release
Naphthalene Plume
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